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Submission of questions

Submission of Questions

Questions relevant to "Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere" will be answered, to the extent time allows. If a question seems to be worthy of broader interest, it and its answer (suitably edited) may be added to the list appearing in "Exploration."
Questions should be sent to me at:

     education("at" symbol)

Please do observe the following:

  • Include your name and some details about yourself. We all like to feel we are corresponding with a real person!
  • You might include your mail address (it will not be reproduced). It may be useful in mailing material to you.
  • In addition to questions, I also welcome here relevant comments, interesting observations or useful suggetions. In particular I would like to hear from students or teachers about the use of "Exploration" in schools.

Please avoid any of the following:
  • Asking about matters which are far beyond the scope of "Exploration." You will find many topics about space covered in "From Stargazers to Starships".
  • Posing a question without first checking if it was answered in the main files of "Exploration" or in the question-and-answer list.
  • For students--asking me to do your homework for you (for instance "send me all you have about the aurora"). That is not my job!

David P. Stern