"Profile Multiprobe Magnetospheric Mission"

by Douglas E Rowland and David P. Stern


      On 19-20 May, 2008, NASA HQ organized a "Town Hall Meeting" to present ideas for the 5-year plan of the Heliophysics Division. The meeting included poster presentations and was held at the Holiday Inn Motel in College Park, Maryland (see Newsletter 38 vol XV of the SPA section of AGU, 4 May 2008).

    The posters included a large one on "Profile", by Douglas E. Rowland and David P. Stern. It can be downloaded (12.1 Mb) from http://www.phy6.org/Roadmap2008/jpg.

    At the poster a short summary of the mission was handed out (as were reprints of the JAS articles and the Eos 1996 paper, also available with these files), and (148 Kb) a "Quad chart" was available concisely describing the mission.

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