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(1) "From Stargazers to Starships"
(2) "The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere"
(3) "The Great Magnet, the Earth"
(4) An overview of all these is in

including links to files covering 90+ specific topics, many of which branch out--e.g. nuclear power in

Four main Sections of "From Stargazers to Starships
5. Astronomy of the Earth's Motion in Space
6. Newtonian Mechanics
7. The Sun
8. Spaceflight and Spacecraft

Specific topics in "From Stargazers to Starships

(9) Sundial
(10) Moon
(11) Latitude, Longitude and Navigation
(12) The Calendar
(13) Precession
(14) Greek Astronomy
(15) Columbus and the Size and Shape of Earth
(16) Parallax
(17) Kepler's laws
(18) Flight to Mars

(19) Airplane Flight
(20) Mass Measurement in Weightlessness and the Inertial Balance
(21) Work performed against an Electric Force
(22) Robert H Goddard and his Rockets
(23) Unconventional Spaceflight
(24) Climate and Weather
(24a) Atmospheric Energy and Climate
(25) Electromagnetic Waves
(26) Nuclear Power
(27) Lagrangian Points

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(28) Folding Paper Model of the Earth's Magnetosphere
(29) Oersted and the Discovery of Electromagnetism
(30) Electricity as a Fluid
(31) Electrons, ions and plasmas
(32) Motions of Ions and Electrons in Magnetic Fields
(33) The Discovery and Early History of the Earth's Radiation Belts
(34) Secrets of the Polar Aurora
(35) Tracing Interplanetary Magnetic Field Lines
(36) Solar Activity
(37) The Solar Wind
(38) Magnetic Substorms, Storms and Space Weather
(39) Cosmic Rays
(40) Magnetospheres of other Planets

(41) Discovery of the Magnetic Compass
(42) Lodestones
(43) Magnetometers--and Cigarette Smoking
(44) Dynamos, Magnetic Reversals and Plate Tectonics

(45) Proposed K-12 Science Standards

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(46) Deriving solar system dimensions using the 2004 transit of Venus

(47) How Things Fall
(48) Vectors
(49) Energy
(50) Newton's laws
(51) Newton's Universal Gravitation
(52) Work
(53) Inertial forces
(54) Motion in a circle
(55) Introduction to rotating frames of reference
(56) Introduction to Quantum Physics

(57) At the edge of the solar system
(58) A Frying Pan Electrophorus
(59) The Grease Spot Photometer
(60) Keplers 3 Laws--Overview for Science teachers
(61) Teaching about Magnetism
(62) Timeline of Astronomy, Physics and Spaceflight
(63) Timeline of studies of the Earth's Magnetic Field in Space
(64) Introduction to the Doppler effect: The Velocity of Light
(65) The Doppler Effect and the Expanding Universe
(66) Rotating Galaxies and Dark Matter

(67) Logarithms--introduction
(68) Deriving Logarithms
(69) The number "e"
(70) Natural Logs and more accurate approximate Logarithms.

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The Solar System, sections P-1 through P-14 of
"From Stargazers to Starships"

(71) The Planets
(72) Mercury
(73) Venus
(74) Earth
(76) Asteroids
(77) Jupiter
(78) Io and Other Moons of Jupiter
(79) Saturn
(80) Telescopes
(81) Uranus
(82) Neptune
(83) Pluto and the Kuiper's Belt
(84) Comets and other small objects

All Things Electric and Magnetic         12 September 2010

(85) "All Things Electric and Magnetic"
(86) Electricity as a fluid (introductory)
(87) Ohm′s law and resistor networks
(88) The "Enigma" encryption machine (optional)
(89) Electric power and safety
(90) Alternating Current
(91) Electricity and Chemistry (introduction)
(92) Early history of electricity and magnetism
(93) Electric Capacitance
(94) Discovery of Electromagnetism
(95) Early thoughts on the link between electricity and light
                    "Thoughts on Ray Vibrations" text of Faraday′s lecture April 1846
(96) The Concept of Electromagnetic Fields
(97) Galvanometers
(98) Magnetic Flux and Electromagnetic Induction
(99) Electric Technology: generators, transformers,hysteresis,fluxgates
(100) Introduction to AC Impedance
(101) Maxwell, Hertz and Electromagnetic Waves
(102) Electricity in communication: telegraph, telephone, radio

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