Prayer for a Congregation

                                                                      David P. Stern     July 1974

    The altar fires have been banked
    Eternal flames burn low
    The lips that mumble ancient words
    Their meaning scarcely know
    Empty and poor we have become
    Lord, give us strength to grow.

    Your flocks are scattered and your sheep
    Drift on roads separate
    Your shepherds have forgotten how
    Your message to translate
    Oh, give us heart, the Lord of hosts
    You who alone are great.

    The saving remnant in your land
    Have gone through siege and hell
    Through war and want their faith holds firm
    We pray and wish them well
    You who makes peace in heavens high
    Bring peace on Israel.

    And may it be your wish and plan
    To sprout the hidden seed
    To help Your people once again
    In time of dire need
    To make a bright light shine once more
    To rally us and lead.

Author and Curator:   Dr. David P. Stern
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