Theme and Variations              

                                by David P. Stern


    What is so rare as a day in June?
    Then, if ever, come perfect days
    Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune
    And over her softly her warm ear lays

    What is so rare as cool shade at noon?
    On steaming days of smog and haze?
    Yes, even in this month of June
    We sometimes get this sort of days.

    What is so weird as a lead balloon?
    Yet engineers who seek the new
    Built one, of lead in thinnest sheets
    Filled it with helium, and it flew.

    It would not fly on our Moon
    An airless world, all dry and dead
    No matter what's in that balloon
    It plummets like a chunk of lead.

    This year is last in its Baktun
    Some say that now this world will end
    Left dead, perhaps, like our Moon?
    Have we now seen the final June?


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Author and Curator:   Dr. David P. Stern
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Posted 27 June 2012