by David P. Stern


    A short time ago
    I sat in the empty room: neat and tidy
    Pictures on walls, a whole gallery
    The collection of a lifetime
    Fresh plants, all green and watered
    Books, rugs, silver treasures behind glass
    All quiet and peaceful, like a house
    About to be hit by a bomb.
    I wish I could make time stop
    Preserve this room as it now stands
    Memorial to a time of contentment
    Of friendship, of peace and good life

    But now
    I am back at another place
    Clean, sterile white, busy with nurses
    My mother lies dazed, breathing heavily
    Her dim eyes half shut, and her mind
    Is no longer there. Her mouth is wide open
    And thin tubes are all
    That connects her to this world.
    I wish I could rouse her. Just now she did stir
    And I came, bent over: "Annie!, Annie!"
    But she did not know me any more.
                                    14 October 1995



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Author and Curator:   Dr. David P. Stern
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