The Event Horizon

                                by David P. Stern, 2010

    It stares at me from depths of space
    Tiny and distant now, yet it will grow
    A lightless disk of gloom, as you expect
    Black as the heart of hell? Well... black, indeed,
    But wreathed in glowing gas, stars and galaxies
    That glow and whirl around it forever
    Though nothing lasts forever here
    Even this magic show winds down to its destiny
    The event horizon.

    What lies beyond?
    God only knows, wherever He may be
    Once you have crossed, you are no longer of this time
    But in a weird time, too strange to imagine
    In which you fall headlong into a void,
    To crash and crush, shrink to a singular point
    Or if miracles spoke true, reemerge
    (Yet reemerge as what, you wonder?)

    While this familiar universe
    Keeps on expanding, faster and faster
    From unknown beginning to immeasurable end
    Three dimensions curved into a fourth, maybe more
    Imaginary time giving it direction, waves, cause and effect
    But does it give a purpose, too?
    The sun rises and sets, grass grows and wilts
    Generations grow and age, stars burn out
    And the ripples which I once made
    Spread, diminish and merge with uncounted others
    Their identity blurred by uncertainty
    As we on Earth whirl to the end of time
    To the great beyond of which we know nothing
    Strange matter drifting through mysterious time.


Author and Curator:   Dr. David P. Stern
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Last updated 25 January 2010