Last Session

                                by David P. Stern

    It's Friday 3 pm and the meeting
    Is winding down.
    The lecture halls are down to a bare quorum
    Just one or two per row
    And no one in the rear.
    The schedule, too
    Has many bare spots
    Where speakers never came.
    Are being knocked down and repacked
    While books are sold for half their price; it's cheaper
    Then to ship them home again.
    The message boards are filled with notes of meetings
    Which took place night before the last
    And urgent messages posted up on Monday
    For Dr. so-and-so, who did not claim them
    By nightfall they will all be in the trash.
    The staff of the hotel, who until now
    Stayed on the sidelines, not to intrude or disturb
    Now trundle props across the carpet floor
    For the convention set to follow:
    Independent rock and roll record producers.
    Paper cups empty of beer roll in the corners
    Abandoned newspapers cover empty seats
    Last good-byes and yes, last papers
    Some are surprisingly good, but no matter
    They play to a near-empty house
    And there is hardly a question, when ever so many
    Still have to catch a late plane to the West.
    That's how he last hours pass
    Until the time comes for
    The last slide, and
    The last words
    And it's all

                                    Philadelphia, 4 June 1982



Author and Curator:   Dr. David P. Stern
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