We are the Walking Wounded

by David P. Stern

                                                        To Valerie
    We are the walking wounded
    Shadowlike, shambling along
    Living a lonely existence
    Praying that nothing goes wrong.

    Though our bodies look healthy
    Our souls tremble with pain
    Twisted, bent, bruised and defeated
    Never to know joy again.

    You talk of greatness and splendors
    Bright children growing up tall
    We never had our childhood
    Now we clutch straws lest we fall.

    You climb the steps of achievement
    Marry the handsome and rich
    We take whatever is given
    Struggling to find our niche.

    Oh, how we wish we were flying
    Up, through the skies overhead
    But our wings have been clipped
    Our feet weighted with lead.

    You are all pleasant and happy
    Plan future years with hopes high
    We wake at night and feel lonely
    Sit in the darkness and cry.

    You smile at us and advise us:
    Cheer up, take heart and have hope.
    Can you not sense our depression?
    Can you not see we can't cope?

    We are the walking wounded
    Come, look us straight in the face.
    We are the walking wounded
    Here you go, but for God's grace.

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Author and Curator:   Dr. David P. Stern
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Last updated 15 May 2002