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General Hints

  These hints were compiled in 2001 for for my own system--Netscape 3.01 on a Macintosh, but they are mostly valid for other browsers, e.g. Safari (used now), Firefox and Chrome.

       You can make the text more legible by using a larger font:
    --On the menu bar, go to View menu.
    --Select Zoom In.
    Most current web-files specify dispay width of 600 points, but some older one adjust instead to 65% of window width. Ordinary lettering is in size 14 font.

       To get the most out of "Stargazers" take your time.... a great deal of material is covered here, and it is best assimilated one small portion at a time. Some parts (especially among those marked "(a)" etc.) can be skipped or skimmed.

    --Use the Glossary
    --To study the material more closely, make a printed copy. Before doing so, change the font to a smaller size, e.g. 10 or 12. (View -> Zoom out). Make sure to restore old setting after printing is done!

       You may send me questions at the e-mail address on the bottom of the page, and I will answer as many as time allows . Please include your full name, age (or grade, college year, science background), regular mail address and e-mail address at which you are sure to be reached (it's frustrating to compose a detailed e-mail reply and have it bounce back as undeliverable!).

      Also, please, only questions that are significant to you--I won't do students' school assignments for them! Over the years more than 500 answered questions were posted, and I might add yours too. See   or

    Enjoy your visit!

Author and Curator:   Dr. David P. Stern
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Posted 25 November 2001, updated 5 November 2016