Jewish Heritage

by David P. Stern, Greenbelt, Maryland

            Kinenhora and the Internet   Warding off the evil eye.

Sermons and Comments on Weekly Reading

  1. Ekev   The 10 Commandments and the Tablets of the Law
  2. Does "Thou Shalt not Murder" apply to Suicide?
  3. Glückel of Hameln
  4. The Hassidim and We
  5. Kedoshim   A Code of Behavior for Jews
  6. Korach
  7. Emma Lazarus
  8. Lech L'cha   God's Covenant with Abraham
  9. Prophets and Kings
  10. Tish'a b'Av (A)
  11. Tish'a B'Av (B)   Poetry for a Day of Mourning
  12. Devarim
  13. Aaron Lanski and the revival of Yiddish
  14. The Jewish Calendar
  15. Va-Etchanan ...and a phrase with many echoes
  16. Halloween and other "New Holidays."
  17. Israel's 50th Birthday and other public anniversaries
  18. Shabbat Hagadol and the Passover Haggadah
  19. Poetry in our lives: Shabbat Shirah.
  20. Vayigash and the dark side of Joseph's story.
  21. Telling our Children about the Holocaust
  22. Does God Exist?  Do Space Aliens?
  23. Vayechi--Of names and blessings

Essays etc.

  1. About the Bible (A long overview)
  2. Jews, Greeks and the Renaissance
  3. You, too, can prepare a Dvar Torah or Sermon!
  4. "Sha'atnez" by Saul Tshernichovsky a tall tale from the shtetl.
  5. The Star of David (by Dr. Israel Shahak)


    "When Darkness Fell"   Film Script about Minna Pächter and Anna Stern
    Return to Prague,  a 1985 travel journal
    Prague, 2012,   a visit 27 years later
    The Prague Jewish Museum
    Minna Pächter  and "In Memory's Kitchen"
    The Genocide of the Czech Jews (by Miroslav Karny)
    A Tough Year on the Bimah
    "The Zoning Exception"  a play in one act.
    The Angel
    Blame it on me,   a Passover story
    Forbidden Taste    a science fiction fable
    Letters of Iron
    Long Distance

    Minna Pächter and Family        

    Minna and Family

    Poems, incl. translations from the Hebrew

                            (Also listed in intpoems.htm.)

    The People are but Grass (Bialik)
    After my Death (Bialik)
    Yerushalayim of Gold (Naomi Shemer)
    The Silver Platter (Nathan Alterman)
    One Among Us
    Prayer for the New Year 1973
    The Lights of Damascus
    Prayer for a Congregation



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